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Retirement Visas

Temporary Retirement Visa

The Temporary Retirement Category creates a two year temporary permit for people who want to spend some of their retirement in New Zealand, provided they invest here and indemnify the government against possible health and welfare costs.

To apply you must:
1. be 66 years of age or older,
2. invest NZ$0.75 million in New Zealand,
3. and have a further NZ$0.5 million in maintenance funds and NZ$60,000 in income.


Parent Retirement Visa

The Parent Retirement Category allows Immigration New Zealand to prioritise high net worth individuals who are seeking to migrate to New Zealand permanently under the Family Category.

The criteria to apply under this category are:
1. You must meet the criteria for the Family Category as it applies to parents
2. Invest a minimum of NZ$1 million over four year