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Medical Services



Medical services are, to a large extent, are offered free of charge to patients.The common practice is to register with a General Practitioner of your choice. Their rates vary so you have to pluck up the courage to ask what the consultation fee will be. The average consultation fee is between $15.00 to $25.00.

In many of the centres you will find UK doctors, some people find it reassuring to speak to a doctor who is familiar with UK circumstances and medication. A lot of the prescription medicine that is available in UK is available here but not all. The reason for this is the prescription medicine is subsidised by the state.The cost of prescription medicine is about $3.00 to $15.00 for a prescription. In the case of repeat prescription or patients suffering from chronic conditions, medication is, in most instances, supplied free of charge.

For more information on the medical system, contact and

The primary private medical aid is Southern Cross Health Care. You can visit their website at for detailed information about their rates. If you are considering membership of a private medical fund you should bring your medical records of the previous 5 years with you as the selection process can be stringent.

Being a member of a Medical Aid amounts to roughly the following:
– For a family of 5 people $2,00.00 per annum
– For a family of 3 people $1,400.00 per annum

Medical services for people with permanent residency (or with a 2 year work permit) are offered free of charge by the medical staff of the state hospitals. The wife of a holder of a two year work permit is not entitled to free medical service but he and his children under the age of 19 are automatically covered. Inevitably there are waiting lists and you do not receive assistance immediately but you can rest assured that you will be treated by top quality doctors.

Free screening for breast cancer is offered to ladies ages between 50 to 64 years. Mothers to be are proved, free of charge, with a comprehensive medical record of the period from the time of conception up to, and including, the delivery.

Emergencies and the ACCidents

Anyone involved in an emergency is treated free of charge by the hospitals.The Accident Compensation Corporation, which should be mentioned here, is an excellent benefit offered by the New Zealand Government. Everyone who steps on NZ soil-even a tourist- is covered by ACC.

This is a state institution that pays all medical and rehabilitation costs in the event of someone being injured in an accident. Accidents don’t only refer to injuries arising from motor accidents but also to any other accident, such as injuries at work or during recreational time.

ACC pays all medical costs and, where someone might be off work for several months, they pay 80% of their salary.

Dental Services

Dental services up to the age of 19 are free, however beyond this they are not subsidised by the state hence the comparatively high costs.

For example:
Filling a tooth $90 to $120
A crown $1,500.00

Customarily in New Zealand one pays the doctor or dentist as soon as the work is done.