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Kiwi Expressions

“How-r-ye,” the Kiwi pronunciation for “How are you,” is not a request as to your state of  health or happiness but simply a Kiwi greeting.
“Brollie” is an umbrella.
“Barbie” is a barbecue.
“Bach” is a holiday house by the sea.
“My shout” means “I’ll pay for this round.”
“Cheers” means “Thank you.”
“Evening tea” means supper.
“Tramping” means to walk in the mountains and in the bush.
“Hard case” means a difficult fellow.
“Gobsmacked” means amazed.
“Sweet as” means really nice.
“Flash” means fancy: a “flash” car, for instance, is an expensive car or a new model.
“Across the ditch” refers to Australia—“the ditch” being the Tasman Sea which lies between  New Zealand and Australia.
“Jandals” means slip-slops.
A “roundabout” is a traffic circle.
A “Ute” is a bakkie and is derived from “utility vehicle.”
“Moggy” means humid.
“Togs” means swimming costume.

The above are just a few examples of Kiwi expressions which one soon learns.