Licensed Immigration Adviser

Why become a Partner

Immigration Partners was formed to reflect a completely new approach to immigration. We are an organisation which specialises in New Zealand immigration; a narrow focus has allowed us to become specialists in our field.

We are selective in the clients we take on, choosing only those who are committed to a new life and who we believe we can genuinely help. We are just as selective in choosing who we work with.

We have made the conscious decision to grow our business through partnerships not through employing people because we want to work with people who are as committed to the success of both the business and clients as we are.

By any measure our partnerships offer a great opportunity as they have six key factors which make them an ideal business:

  1. Huge demand – for any business to be successful it must offer a product or services someone wants and needs. The 11,000 Brits migrating to New Zealand each year need the help of licensed immigration advisers, and there are simply not enough to meet the demand.
  2. Strong barriers to entry – you cannot provide advice on New Zealand immigration unless licensed by the government. The only way to become a Licensed Adviser is to gain industry experience by managing applications while under the supervision of a adviser who is already licensed.
  3. No office – while we think it is much better if you work from an office, you can work from home, meaning there is no monthly overhead when you start your business.
  4. No employees – your partnership can be run by one person you; avoiding the cost, the hiring headache and training of staff.
  5. Low-cost – your monthly overheads can be tiny, making this one of the lowest cost base opportunities on the market.
  6. Rapid investment recovery – the low initial investment and our high average order value means we would expect you to recover you investment within three months.

In a nutshell our partnerships can offer you:

  • Money – it’s a very profitable business
  • Time – the flexibility immigration advisers enjoy is one of our most highly prised elements
  • Fulfilment – nothing beats the feeling of helping a family achieve their dream and with us you’ll be doing that every day