Licensed Immigration Adviser

Why New Zealand Immigration

Immigration is an exciting and growing industry; approximately four hundred thousand Britton’s permanently migrate from the UK each year.
In each of the last 5 years an average of 11,000 people have emigrated to New Zealand from the UK.

In 2010 only 1,500 of these used immigration advisers, far less than the industry norm. Why is this? The simple answer is the 21 licensed immigration advisers in the UK cannot cope with demand.

There is an opportunity for our organisation, working in partnership with the right individuals, to fill this gap for professional advice and become the largest New Zealand immigration company in the UK, helping thousands of people to achieve their migration dreams.

Emigrating is a challenging and complex process fraught with trials and tribulations for the uninitiated. Our role is to guide people through the process and be their advocate with Immigration New Zealand.

As an Immigration Adviser you will not only have to present a clients application to best advantage, you may also be called upon to offer general advice relating to their move this can include anything from how to rent a house to buying a car.

We only work with clients who are passionate about their future and who want to work with us, as in some cases the relationship with our client will last for several years.

Being a New Zealand Immigration Adviser is more than a career, it is an exciting, emotional and financially rewarding opportunity to change the lives and futures of individuals who are passionate about living overseas.