Licensed Immigration Adviser

Strong support Network

One of our key philosophies is success through strong networks and comprehensive back-up and support. We have an in depth support and training structure, provided by people who know the industry and have worked as immigration advisers’ themselves over years.

Unlike other New Zealand immigration organisations we are based in the UK, with a support focused on ensuring the success of our partners.

We have developed a comprehensive training program for our partners which run in five key stages:
Stage 1: we review all the major categories of visas, work through the application process and review specific areas where troubles and issues arise.

Stage 2: each partner will join a senior adviser at a number of meetings with potential clients, this is to develop listening and communication skills, identify questions and objections most clients raise, and develop presentation skills.

Stage 3: as a partner you will obtain a provisional license from the Immigration Advisers Authority. Once this is in place you will attend a number of individual meetings with clients to talk through their immigration with a senior adviser present.
These fist three stages will occur during the first three months after you join us as a partner.

Stage 4: a senior adviser will supervise your applications, guide you in their processing, answer any questions and/or queries and mentor you during face to face monthly meetings.

Stage 5: once your supervising senior adviser believes you have gained a thorough understanding of the New Zealand immigration procedure they will help you apply for a full license. This will give you the ability to provide immigration advice without supervision.

Partners and the organisation
Immigration Partners works very closely with its partners and encourages them to actively participate in the decision making process, and the ongoing development of our national and international marketing fund.

Marketing System
We have a proven marketing system which constantly generates new enquiries. At the moment we have more than 2,700 families who have registered with us in the hope of making New Zealand their home and this number is increasing daily.

Clients are processed through our marketing system in several distinct phases:

Phase 1: they register their interest with us
Phase 2: we review the qualifications and experience of the applicant and carry out an initial assessment
Phase 3: we meet with the potential client and carry out a more detailed assessment, at which point if we believe the client is the right fit for us we invite them to become a client.

As both a provisionally licensed immigration adviser and a fully licensed immigration adviser you will be responsible for the processing of each of your clients applications.