Licensed Immigration Adviser


Sean Collins (a licensed immigration adviser) founded Immigration Partners to reflect a completely new approach to New Zealand immigration.

Sean brings a unique perspective and skill set to immigration, having lived and worked in the UK, South Africa, China and New Zealand (where he obtained bachelors in international business) and having been both an Immigration Adviser and a new migrant establishing himself in New Zealand.

Four years of industry experience, during which Sean has helped hundreds of families from the UK, South Africa, Vietnam etc. coupled with his personal experiences mean he understands immigration in a very intimate way. Not only the process but also the stress the process puts on migrants.

The philosophy which grew from this understanding has lead to relationships with our clients that yield the best results, and is helping develop a network of connections and communities throughout the world, that will yield results for both our clients and us in the future.

New Zealand will need immigration for generations to come and it’s natural migrants are Britons, working in partnership we can make the dreams of a new life in New Zealand a reality for thousands of people.